The Coaching Company, focusing on “human” and believing in business partnership approach, creates tailor made solutions for its clients and business partners based on their needs, characteristics and the sector. The main activities of The Coaching Company are presenting leadership development programs, open trainings for individuals or corporate attendees as well as individual coaching, team and group coaching within the context of personal and organizational development. The difference of The Coaching Company is manifested in the added value that lays in the professional expertise and knowledge of business dynamics embraced by all The Coaching Company team members and their loyalty to ethic values; professional and meticulous working approach.


Within The Coaching Company, all our Coaches are:
Adaptive, effective listeners, capable of key coaching competencies, unbiased & non-judgmental, dedicated to confidentiality principles, notably experienced in coaching, experienced in different business practices and granted with the coaching certificates rendered by the ICF (International Coach Federation).


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